Ross Hopkins is an aspiring writer who often dabbles in artistry. That he decided this was a solid foundation from which to create a webcomic is as surprising to him as it is to you.

Ross grew up on the Isle of Wight, off the coast of southern England, and went on to study Film Studies and Philosophy at the University of Kent. After securing a Master’s Degree he secured a job in biomedical publishing and moved to London. He has remained wedded to that marvellous city for the last ten years, and has now decided to pour all that warts-and-all affection in a webcomic.

Nancy Brilligan was created in a series of short stories written first at university and then sporadically over the last decade in-between work. In spite of numerous novels written on the side about wildly different subjects (none of which have ever seen the light of day, natch), it was to Nancy that he’d frequently return and flesh out in his London wanderings. After several abortive attempts to realise her world in prose, he eventually realised that the only effective way to truly tell her story was in a dynamic visual format. Hence the work you see before you.

Ross is fairly active in local politics, is pathologically single, and is very uncomfortable talking about himself in the third person and would very much like to stop now

Other works

Fancy sampling some of the creator’s non-webcomic works? Then check out the following!

Rosie’s Journey

A pictorial storybook adventure in which YOU (and by YOU I mean my real-life infant niece) embark on the fantastical adventure of a lifetime to rescue your family and bring peace and freedom to a magical other world through the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. Available in eBook and paperback forms!

Rosie’s Journey (Kindle Edition) – £2.99

Rosie’s Journey (Paperback Edition) – £9.99