This page (and the page after) are the most self-indulgently “comic book” pages I’ve created yet for this comic. Once upon a time I wrote this scene in prose and it just felt flat and forced, and I believe it was my writer’s group commenting that this scene was straight out of a comic book that first planted the idea in my head that this story really needed to be a comic. In this scene in particular I wanted to illustrate how we’re not just experiencing this story from a perfect third-person perspective, that we’re really seeing these events unfold through the medium of Si’s head, with all the subjectivity that implies.

Not only is it a partial view, it’s a second-hand partial view, like a JPEG that’s been exported one too many times – Si’s subjective brain is relating the heroic fantasy of this chapter’s Big Bad. The villain of chapter one is a man who sees himself as challenging the orthodoxies of the arty-farties in the name of Tradition and Common Sense and other words deployed to defend kitschy schmaltz, and the world he sees around himself is very much a creation of his own head, a viewpoint which Si is trying her hardest to translate for us poor beleaguered readers who’ve never heard of Le Corbusier before.