I’m starting to get a bit concerned about the size of my page buffer. I knew I wasn’t going to get much art done in April between all the family members clamouring for my attention, but falling deathly ill right in the middle of my pre-scheduled family fun times really bodied my work schedule. I’m still a fair few pages ahead thanks to Easter, and there are a number of bank holidays coming up that’ll definitely help, but man…webcomics are hard work, guys.

Between all the shenanigans I hardly had the chance to show off Nancy Brilligan’s heroic cool-guys-don’t-look-at-explosions pose that dropped last week. This was followed on Friday with the first time Si and Nancy actually saw each other eye-to-eye instead of one being dragged bodily by the other before scarpering, as was the pattern up until now. Only took fifty pages of slowww build-up, I deeply apologise for the pacing issues. Now we might finally get a proper taste of what Nancy’s like a person. Spoiler alert: she’s a bit of an oblivious jerk. Our hero, ladies and gents.