Nancy’s in the habit of lobbing elaborate pseudo-scientific jargon at passers-by and expecting them to keep up. This is the first time we’ve been given a proper explanation as to what’s been happening to Si and her life by someone who actually knows what their talking about, and it shouldn’t be surprising that it sounds like an avalanche of complete nonsense given that it’s steeped in pop-science quantum physics and nutty conspiracy theories. Don’t be worried if it goes over your head, it’s mostly going over Si’s head too.

A recurring problem I’ve had with writing is constant asides, analyses and purple prose – I just love digging into ideas and boring readers into a coma. You can’t afford to do that with comics (unless you’re writing Cerberus and thank god I’m not for all manner of reasons), things need to tick along and concepts need to be communicated as punchily and succinctly as possible. Unfortunately, with content like this, you can’t help but drag the comic to a halt to explain everything. I suppose a good thing about comics is that your eye has something to look at in case the turgid paragraphs bleed into each other.

I also love the expression of pure horror I gave Si on the second panel of this page. That’s another way of helping the medicine go down with a spoonful of sugar – shameless servings of schadenfreude.