As should be obvious by now, I am not well-acquainted with how websites work, so this will be the first post to be directly tied to a comic itself instead of vaguely associated with it. Exactly why it took me this long to figure out that was a thing I could do is a matter between me and the ambitious part of my soul that felt that making a webcomic was a really swell idea.

Before we delved into any further craziness, I really wanted to explore the kind of relationship Si and her father have. They do love each other, but it’s an emotionally muffled sort of love that recognises there are places neither of them can really touch in each other’s lives. It’s a source of anguish for Dr Qareen that he really can’t dedicate the time towards his daughter that he really needs to, and as well as that I get the feeling that emotional warmth and simple relaxation just aren’t things that come to him easily, hence the apparently acrimonious end to his marriage that we only hear snippets about.

Their family’s situation has forced Si to be more responsible than other girls her age, and that amount of responsibility can be suffocating for one so young. Dr Qareen is as aware of this as any parent should be, but ultimately there’s only so much he can do to rectify that, and both he and Si know that. But just because she recognises that other vulnerable people need him doesn’t mean she has to be happy about it.