Domestic law enforcement intrigue is definitely what you come to a fun adventure comic to read.

LGBTQ+ representation in media is both necessary and rewarding from a storytelling standpoint, but the potential pitfalls are magnified if you’re a pasty cloistered Isle of Wight boy like me, which is why I agonised over how to make clear that Lewis is a trans man. Revealing it bluntly would feel unnatural and clunky, sure, but being too subtle about it would treat it like a shameful secret that comes out as a shocking surprise later in the story, when that really isn’t what’s going on at all, it’s just that Lewis being trans-male is something that his colleagues accept so wholeheartedly that it’s become unimportant and banal.

Naturally, my solution to this conundrum was to plant a ginormous trans flag on Lewis’ desktop screensaver. Subtlety, thy name is Ross.