And with that we’ve reached an important milestone, we’re halfway through String! Chapter Five was an intense one that I knew needed to be in the episode order somewhere, as from this moment on (with a few diversions) it’s going to be all arc plot all the time, so rather less scope for raw investigations of the human psyche like this one. I tried out Paint Tool SAI 2.0 for this cover and while it doesn’t have the full spectrum of features CLIPStudio has it’s also miles cheaper and is less likely to get sidetracked into AI nonsense, so there’s that going for it.

But first to recharge my batteries and concentrate on myself properly. Maybe get a new job and improve my lot in life. I’m writing this while recovering from a sprained ankle, so not the most promising start to a new era, but once I’ve got my act together you can look forward to Chapter Six – “Reparations” sometime in 2023!

In the meantime, dig out your bluetooth headphones to listen to a “String”-themed Spotify playlist and indulge in a “String”-themed desktop with downloadable wallpapers here! And for those who will likely first encounter Nancy Brilligan and friends during this hiatus (well…”friend” – well…”someone that tolerates her”) you can start from the first chapter right here!