Hi readers!

I’ve been working on this comic and on the world behind it on-and-off for over a decade now, and I’m excited to finally share it with the wider world. Get ready to delve into the wild world underpinning the streets of modern London through the eyes of Simar Qareen (“Si” to her friends – that is if her one and only friend hadn’t mysteriously vanished out of everyone’s memories six months before), a troubled young girl drawn inexorably into the paranoid fantasies (and realities) of a mentally unhinged woman wielding a cricket bat on the run from the fuzz. Gasp at the monstrosities Nancy has to face! Cheer as she mashes them to smithereens! Scratch your head at the convoluted explanations Nancy dumps on Si as to how these creatures came to be and the Malign Forces of Randomness manipulating their presence behind the scenes! And above all enjoy yourself – it’s London as you’ve never seen it before.

I’m starting this story off with nine pages right off the bat. The next page will arrive on Tuesday, and new pages will be posted every Friday and Tuesday thereafter. I hope you stick around to see where this is headed!