And that’s it for another chapter of String! Have a taste of the first piece of artwork I’ve created courtesy of CLIPStudio Paint, which will be replacing Photoshop as my creative software of choice. Still getting to grips with it, but I’m already saving half-an-hour’s effort no longer needing to painstakingly draw and fill in word balloons.

I wore the buffer on this chapter down to the bedrock so unfortunately I’ll need to go on a slightly longer hiatus than usual to rebuild it, and also to relax and recharge my batteries because this year has been exhausting, for me, you and civilisation in general. I don’t want to put a date on when the hiatus will end since that’ll defeat the purpose of this break being a chance to unwind, but I won’t call it an “indefinite” hiatus because the next chapter is definitely coming soon (I’ve got seven pages in the can already). The long and short of it is not to expect Chapter Four “A Zero Hours Contract With God” before 2021.

Once I’ve got a comfortable workflow going, I’ll give an exact date closer to the premiere. In the meantime, feel free to delve into a fun “String”-themed Spotify playlist and snap up a couple of very fetching downloadable wallpapers here! And if you’re new to Nancy Brilligan’s adventures you can start from the first chapter right here!

Be back soon! And to my friends in the US, for god’s sake vote, and if anyone tries to stop you then vote harder. This message sponsored by Democrats Abroad, not that they’ve paid for it but that’d probably constitute fraud so best I do this for free.