And that’s the end of yet another chapter of String! I never thought I’d be starting and ending this chapter still in lockdown due to The Plague Times, but it did give me a good opportunity to get to grips with CLIPStudio Paint, and I hope the results have spoken for themselves, I can definitely feel the quality of my work improving from my Photoshop days.

I have no buffer to speak of so the next chapter might be a while, especially as I intend to give myself a break from the comic in general. Burnout is real and I’ve been feeling it this chapter even more than previous chapters, so I’m hoping this hiatus might be a good opportunity to just relax for a bit. Nevertheless, you’ll be happy to hear that Chapter Five “Poltergeist of Empires” will be coming down the pipe either shortly before or at the beginning of 2022.

A date will be forthcoming once I’m back in the saddle and recharged. In the meantime, you can jam out to a “String”-themed Spotify playlist and decorate your desktop with downloadable wallpapers here! And if this extremely yellow cover is your introduction to Nancy Brilligan’s adventures you can start from the first chapter right here!