And with that, this chapter of String ends with the central quest emphatically not being resolved. We’re now fully in the realm of serial storytelling and unlike a Netflix show you are not going to get all the subsequent episodes dumped on you on a massive. Good. That’s not how TV shows operate. You can’t gather around the water cooler and speculate what happens next if what happens next is nothing, executives.

This hiatus may be longer than usual (bearing in mind “usual” is already ludicrously long) as I have finally burned my ships and struck out into the new world in search of gold. And by that I mean handed in my notice. As of the date this is going up I’m still hunting for work, which is not comfortable situation to be in, but assuming I get out of this situation and am able to draw comics again in short order you should see Chapter Seven – “Nostalgia Goggles” sometime in 2024! When? Even I don’t know!

Which makes this an awkward moment to announce that at long last and after considerable prevarication I have at last launched my Patreon! Because hosting webcomics ain’t cheap and a guy needs to eat! I would advise against investing in the second tier until there are comic updates to send out hi-res versions of, but if you shell out for the third tier then I have a stockpile of stupendously gorgeous hi-res PDFs of past chapters ready to flow into your inbox!

In the meantime, you can rock out to a “String”-themed Spotify playlist and splatter your desktop with a “String”-themed wallpaper here! And if some mysterious benefactor suddenly dumps a bunch of curiosity-seekers on this site and this is the first update you’ve seen, you can start from the first chapter right here!