I have a Twitter account! This should not be news for anyone living in the twenty-first century, and yet it very much is for me.

Now that Twitter has become the personal plaything for the Most Divorced Man Alive (worth at least 1.3 Laurence Foxes), you can also find me on Mastodon Social and Mastodon Art!

Check my tumblr for other stories, art and musings! If you want to get in touch, just send me an Ask!

I’m also on Instagram! Come see my faltering and incompetent attempts to get down with this whole sershal meedja thang!

Remember DeviantArt? God. Just…god. I got one of those too!

Feel like yelling at me in person? Just email ross.a.a.hopkins@gmail.com!

Fancy checking out other webcomics? Try these on for size!

Unsounded by Ashley Cope

The Meek and Mare Internum by Der-shing Helmer

Kill Six Billion Demons by Abbadon

Paranatural by Zack Morrison

Monster Pulse by Magnolia Pearl

Harpy Gee by Brianne Drouhard

Lackadaisy Cats by Tracy J Butler