As well as a cover for the first chapter, I put Photoshop through its paces by drawing a cover for String as a whole. Some elements of this image might constitute spoilers, but nothing major.

I have also been working on a Spotify playlist of music that has inspired String. It’s an eclectic mix of stuff I’ve listened to on the tube that’s given me ideas for scenes or imagery, as well as “flavour” music that the characters themselves might listen to (special thanks to members of the Sea Lion Press forums for giving me suggestions about appropriate East London Grime music – I am the whitest of white middle class Home Counties ’90s kids, so I definitely needed guidance). There’s a focus on string instruments, whether via contemporary classical tracks or the distorted guitar chords of more modern fare, including works by Garbage, Massive Attack and Radiohead.

Think of it as a “soundtrack” for the comic. Enjoy!