My services are available for hire! Like a plumber or a delivery driver except for, like, art and stuff. Just use the form below to get in touch!

Caution: The rates below should be treated as an approximate guide. Rates may differ depending on the amount of work the project entails.

General Illustrations

Prints! Gift cards! T-shirts! Leaflets! Your shop sign! If you need anything designed and think my stuff would look good on your wall, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide! No NFTs (I make art, not investment vehicles for bored speculators).

Book Illustrations

Have a children’s book or a book for yoofs or a regular grown-up adult book in need of some visual flair, then look no further!

Spot Illustration: £20 per page

Full Illustration: £40 per page

Cover/Double Spread: £60 per page

Comic Books

Got an idea that’s crying out for the 6-panel sequential art treatment? This ol’ artist’s got your back!

Black-and-white sketch: £20 per page

Flat colour, no dialogue: £40 per page

Shaded, effects and dialogue included: £60 per page

Character Portraits

Have an Original Character Do Not Steal you wish to have lovingly depicted? Allow my Final Fantasy OC Rain Draconis to model my wares!

(Psst! Final Fantasy XIV is copyright Square Enix Entertainment!)

Head portrait: £20 per drawing

Body portrait: £40 per drawing

Scene portrait: £60 per drawing

Creative Writing

You got the bones of an idea but it needs the eye of a writing person? Lemme get my typewriter set up and I’ll get right back to ya!

Editing/proofreading: £15 per 1000 words

Fiction writing: £30 per 1000 words

Scriptwriting: £30 per 10 pages

Submitting Briefs

Simply enter your details into the form below and I’ll send you a quote! If you need something a bit more bespoke just drop me an email at with the tagline “Commission: [PROJECT]” (e.g. “Commission: The Sistine Chapel”), attaching your outline, script or proposal as well as any reference material you feel would be useful and we’ll sort something out. Milestones and revisions will be discussed by email should the project proceed but payment will only be required upon project completion.

I do not consent to the use of any of my materials for NFTs or machine learning tools. Any proposals mentioning AI or The Blockchain will be refused with prejudice.