Having used their services for a few months now, the webcomic advertising giant Project Wonderful has abruptly – if inevitably – shut its doors. In a world where installing adblocks on your browser is a rank necessity and where clicking on an online ad is an open invitation to be haunted by lizards, I’m kind of amazed it’s lasted as long as it has.

This is mildly inconvenient news for me and excellent news for you, the reader, as no longer will this text be flanked by ugly-as-sin banners about furries. I’d be more torn up about it if I’d earned a single red cent from the place, but for the brief period I used Project Wonderful I poured an order of magnitude more funds into it than I ever got out of it. It might have been worth the cost if the adverts I was sending out got String more exposure, but it hasn’t even done that much – apart from the time I ran myself skint coasting on Questionable Content I barely got more than a couple clicks a week from other webcomic readers.

I knew before I got started on this webcomic lark that relying on ad revenue to fund this endeavour was a fool’s errand, but being as terrible at word-of-mouth as I am, I thought the exposure would at least garner eyeballs and set me up for future revenue-raising stuff. But now I’m going to have to get creative if I want to sell this thing. T-shirts? Mousepads? A breakfast cereal? Flamethrowers? Moichandising! Moichandising!