Back during the Enlightenment, young men of letters would would make their mark on the world by embarking on what was the Grand European Tour, a pilgrimage of sorts across the major cultural centres of eighteenth century Europe. For three weeks in October I intend to follow their example, travelling by train through France, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and the Low Countries on an interrail card, taking in the sights and soaking up some worthwhile nutritional foreign-ness.

I’m working flat out to complete the current chapter of the comic, so you will not be lacking in updates throughout my trek. However, this is my forward notice that once the chapter is finished String will be going on a scheduled hiatus until the New Year. My buffer’s been scraped to the bone, and after working every weekend god’s sent on this read I for one need a holiday. Hence. Some breathing room would also give me space to actually market String beyond the marvellous and valued band of bitter-einders who keep coming back to this comic in spite of everything. There’s still some pages left in this chapter so strap in and enjoy!