‘I am calling this chapter of the Ordo Nostra to order. I believe our Brother Garcia has an update regarding the breakthrough we have discovered in the Enemy’s intentions.’

‘Yes, I…um…lost it.’

‘…you lost it?’


‘Our strongest lead in literally years and you lost it?’

‘Alright, no need to rub it in.’

‘Given that assassinating an enemy agent in the heart of Paris is a mite conspicuous, I would have hoped you’d have some meagre shred of progress to show for it.’

‘I do! I believe I know who possesses the Key! I just need a little time…’

‘Time is one of the many things we are desperately short of. The Cataclysm is upon us. We of the Ordo Nostra expect results, Brother Garcia.’

‘Of course, Brothers and Sisters. The Enemy shall not escape me again.’

Whoever kept me up all night with his full symphonic orchestral snoring, I hope you step on a lego. Anyway, I’m fully fed on free coffee and croissants, so I shall away!

I’ve been seeing the sights and having a lovely time, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being followed. I keep catching glimpses of that swarthy fellow, the scarred man, when I look back through the crowd. In fact I feel that he’s following me right NOW!

…no? Oh. Okay then. So how abooouuut…


I could’ve sworn…

Oh well, maybe I’m just being paranoid. For now I’m more occupied getting to the end the world’s longest shopping arcade so I can get up close with the most expensive roundabout ever conceived of by man.

I get the feeling ol’ boney was compensating for something.


It was rather drizzly today, but that did little to hide the city’s magnifique-ness. I walked a full marathon of the place and still had to skip some bits.

Funniest thing when I got back to the hostel. I was getting everything packed for the next leg of my trip south, when I found an SD card bouncing around one of my backpack’s pockets. I don’t remember packing an SD card, or even having an SD card. I hope nobody’s missing it because there’s no way I’ll ever be able to track its owner several hundred miles from home. Ngh! More inconveniences!