Myself and my new acquaintances in the Ordo Nostra met in the Firenze station cafe in our most brilliant false moustaches.


‘Please tell me you found a way to get the Carabinieri off my back?’ I bristled.


‘There is one alright, we just need to uncover ODESSA’s plan,’ Mos wore his false moustache like a glove, ‘Sister Nakia, any luck decoding the Key?’


‘No, but I’ve figured out how to do it,’ Nakia, weirdly, wore her false moustache better than I did, ‘it’s not locked by a password, but by a GPS location.’


‘Ingenious! So the only person who can access it would be whoever it was sent to,’ Mos clapped.


‘And anyone who found it on an assassin would see our shibboleth in the drive name and assume we were the ones responsible,’ Nakia nodded.


‘Any idea what the GPS location is?’ Mos slurped on his smoothie.


‘No clue,’ Nakia chewed on a sandwich wrap, ‘when you shot that ODESSA agent, did you find anything in her belongings?’


‘Tickets for the Orient Express,’ Mos answered, ‘she sure liked to travel in style.’


‘Venice!’ I blurted. Finally, I could contribute something!


Mos and Nakia nodded together.


‘It’s as good a lead as any,’ Mos shrugged.




The Renaissance’s madcap solution to climate change!

Surely our answers lie here!