A new year and a new chapter in Nancy Brilligan’s story! Stay tuned on New Year’s Day 2021 to see the premiere of Chapter Four, “A Zero Hours Contract With God,” and come back every Tuesday and every Friday to find out what happens next!

An exciting dive into the golem myth, starring an obnoxious techbro and his exploitative apps alongside the cast of colourful characters we’ve come to know and love: Nancy, her sidekick-slash-kidnap victim Simar Qareen, Operation Pandora and the enigmatic Carol Derrider. They go clubbing this chapter. I’m dead serious.

Newcomers to Nancy Brilligan’s ongoing battle against quantum monstrosities and the Malign Forces of Randomness in modern London can catch up with Chapters One, Two and Three or absorb the summary here if you really value your time. Visit here for a fancy wallpaper or a String-themed music playlist, which you can also find below:

And if you fancy stuff I’ve made that’s not String, take a gander at Rosie’s Journey, a storybook I wrote way back when for my niece.

That’s Chapter Four, starting 1st January 2021 and updating every Tuesday and Friday thereafter!