Whew, has it really been six months since the last update? I can only apologise for how long this hiatus has lasted, I can only blame burnout, lockdown ennui and general anxiety at the state of the world. And Endwalker. Definitely lots of Endwalker was involved.

But that all ends as Chapter Five, “Poltergeist of Empires“, begins this Tuesday, 29th March! Be sure to drop in every Tuesday and Friday for new updates!

Join our heroes Nancy Brilligan and Simar Qareen as they navigate the plague that has descended on us all and the terrors unleashed by the troubled minds disturbed by this situation. But as they try to dispel the ghosts of Afghan misadventures past lingering around a broken veteran, they must contend with their own demons they’ve been neglecting all these years.

Warning: the next chapter will be dealing with heavy themes. PTSD, violence, war and toxic masculinity. Gird thyselves, readers, for as silly as this comic gets there’s still some Capital-I Issues being explored here.

If you’re new to Nancy Brilligan’s exciting adventures battling quantum monstrosities and the Malign Forces of Randomness in modern London, you can catch up with Chapters One, Two, Three and Four or speedread the useful primer here! Come here for a fancy wallpaper or a String-themed playlist, which you can also find below (sorry, I know Spotify is giving millions to awful people and all that, but setting up a Soundcloud playlist as an alternative is going to take, like, months):

And if you fancy stuff I’ve made that’s not String, take a gander at Rosie’s Journey, a storybook I wrote way back when for my niece.

Join us every Tuesday and every Friday for new adventures!