Look at that!

And look at that!

It sure is fun to be on a grand European tour on which absolutely nothing exciting or terrible happened at all OW MY MIND AGAIN!

Ooooh. Aaaah. Anyway! Off to see more new things!

Oh, hang on a moment, this punky lady with massive ‘fro and a scarred nose looks like she wants to ask me for money.

‘Ross?’ said the bedraggled woman, ‘don’t you recognise me?’


I blinked vacantly at her, ‘…sorry, I’m terrible with faces.’


She scowled, ‘okay, maybe this will remind you…’


OW! She punched me on the nose! Just like I did to her when she tried to strangle me in the Alps-ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh


‘Nakia! Oh my…I thought you were dead!’ I sneezed off ODESSA’s mind control through bleeding nostrils, ‘…couldn’t you have picked a less painful way of knocking me back to my senses?’


‘What happened to you?’ Nakia probed.


‘I was brainwashed!’ I pushed through the headaches and recalled everything after the journey through Innsbruck, ‘I found out what their plan is! In five days they’re planning to do something terrible, and I think I was supposed to be part of it.’


‘What did they program you to do?’ Nakia nudged.


‘I…’ I gave myself a nosebleed trying to think back to the pretty lights, ‘…I can’t remember!’


‘You can’t…’ Nakia sighed, ‘what can you remember?’


‘I was in a bunker, somewhere in Lichtenburg, I don’t know where exactly,’ I strained my brain, ‘then there were four lights…although I could’ve sworn there were five lights…and theeeeennnn I was outside, enjoying the Prussian cuisine.’


Nakia groaned, ‘okay, how we retrace your steps? Maybe something will jog your memory?’


Hmm. Well, can hardly say no to seeing more Berlin.