Nope. Still can’t remember.

Still can’t remember.

It’s fascinating, certainly, but I still can’t remember.

‘Ohhh…it’s no use,’ I sunk into my schnapps in a noise-thuddening club, ‘four days to go and I could be brainwashed to shoplift a packet of cigarettes for all I know what ODESSA’s plan is.’


Nakia thwacked a seat cushion in my still sore face.


‘Oww!’ I rubbed my face, ‘what was that for?!’


‘To see if it dislodged anything else,’ Nakia shrugged, ‘also I just find you really whiny and annoying.’


‘Tell me something I don’t know,’ I slumped on the table.


We were both pretty much at a loss until the club resounded with the opening chords of europop sensation Scarf’s smash hit anthem “Odysee.” I rose, my muscles moving on my own, as I was filled with the sudden overwhelming urge to KILL THE NATO SECRETARY-GENERAL!


‘I have to go!’ I yelped, making a run for the exit.


‘Go?’ Nakia yanked on my shirt to anchor me, ‘where are you going?’


‘I have to kill the NATO Secretary-General!’ I blurted before I could stop myself.


‘Okay, first of all, please don’t do that,’ Nakia dragged me back to my seat, ‘secondly, why does listening to europop sensation Scarf’s smash hit anthem “Odysee” make you want to kill the NATO Secretary-General?’


Huh. When she put it like that, it did sound like a silly thing to do, didn’t it?


‘That must be what they’re planning to do! In four days!’ I realised, ‘this song must be the trigger!’


‘Okay! Now we’re getting somewhere!’ Nakia shifted in her seat, excited, ‘now we’ve just got to figure out why you’d have the NATO Secretary-General standing in front of you while europop sensation Scarf’s smash hit anthem “Odysee” is playing?’


‘Conference?’ I spoke the first thing that came to mind, ‘time-filling music while some geriatric bureaucrat hobbles to the podium?’


‘Of course! The Berlin Airlift was 70 years ago!’ Nakia clapped her hands, ‘NATO will be celebrating their anniversary!’


‘Right!’ I downed the rest of my schnapps, ‘in that case we have four days to get to Brussels.