Now what?

Nakia could be anywhere! I had two days before ODESSA’s plot came to fruition and I had no idea where to start! I might as well follow the stray cat slinking round the corner, she seems to know where to go.


‘Hey kid,’ a familiar voice sprung from the shadows, ‘you look a little lost.’


‘Don’t call me “kid,” I’ll be thirty-four in a couple days,’ I greeted the smirking, baby-faced Third Man, ‘and what are you doing here?’


‘I told you I’d come to collect,’ the Third Man handed me a map with a red circle on it, ‘I need you to watch out for a package that’s being moved tomorrow via the canals. Make sure it doesn’t leave the city.’


I took the map and scowled at him, ‘of all the places you’d need to smuggle drugs, Amsterdam doesn’t strike me as one of them.’


The Third Man chuckled, ‘oh, this is a very dangerous narcotic they’re moving. I believe you call it “Nakia.”’


My eyes darted to the canal map. Of course! If Nakia is ODESSA’s new assassin, it will be quicker to move her by sea!


‘I don’t get it, why are you helping me?’ I pocketed the map.


‘Oh I’m helping myself here, that you’re getting something out of it too don’t mean squat,’ he grinned, ‘see you around, kid.’


‘I told you not to call me that,’ I watched the Third Man disappear into the shadows, ‘wait, did you know Gary Lemon?!’


Only the Third Man’s laugh remained, ‘you could say that. Shame he’s dead, though.’


Yes, crying shame, that.