Our false moustaches were starting to slip, so we had to stop in Hamburg to re-apply them. What can I say, travelling cross-continent is tough on the lam.

‘Okay, that’s as good as it’s going to get,’ Nakia tweaked the bristles on her upper lip, ‘the Ordo Nostra doesn’t have much of a budget for disguises.’


‘They don’t have a budget for much of anything, I notice,’ I licked my fingers and twirled the moustache’s edges, making me look even more hipster-ish than normal, ‘you know, I’ve been thinking…since we broke the mind-control, is the NATO Secretary-General really still in danger?’


‘ODESSA’s been planning this for a long time, they’ll have contingencies on contingencies,’ Nakia packed the disguise kit back in my bag, ‘the only way we’ll stop them for sure is to be there. Now we need to sort out tickets to Brussels.’


‘Ha! Joke’s on you! I have an Interrail card!’ I slapped the bad boy in my hand that had taken me across the continent, ‘I can get on any train I want!’


Nakia furrowed her eyebrows, ‘we’re wanted by the cops, and you’ve been travelling on a card with your name on it?’


‘Nuh uh! I used a pseudonym! I pointed at the card, ‘see? I replaced the Os with As and the Ss with Bs!’


‘“Rabb Hapkinb…”’ Nakia groaned, ‘alright, I’ll go get my tickets sorted out, you go into town and indulge yourself for a few hours. And try not to get caught.’



That was fun! Now to meet Nakia back at the station aaaaand she’s nowhere to be seen. Well that wasn’t part of the plan.

I went up to the ticket office, ‘hey, uh, I was supposed to meet up with somebody? Punky, magnificent ‘fro and a TOTALLY REAL moustache?’


‘Oh her!’ the ticket officer smiled, ‘she was feeling a little groggy so a couple of nice gentleman helped her onto a train to Amsterdam.’


Oh hell!


‘Your fastest ticket to Amsterdam, my dear!’ I declared.


‘You…you have an Interrail card,’ the ticket officer coughed, ‘you can get on any train you like.’


‘I certainly can!’ I rushed to the Amsterdam terminal. I hope I’m not too late!