I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the next chapter of Nancy Brilligan’s exciting adventures, and I’m pleased to announce that Chapter Two: The Third Place will commence on 29 January 2019! New pages will appear every Tuesday and Friday!

I had been aiming for a 15 January release date, but those precious two extra weeks for me are the difference between a buffer that runs out in mid-March and a buffer that runs out at the end of April. I anticipate Things Happening to me over the next year that may drag my attention away from working on the comic, and as I have promised to all of you as well as myself never to skip an update previously advertised, I owe it to myself as much as my readership to set a release schedule that’s as realistic as possible.

This chapter holds several surprises in store for our intrepid heroes. Not least that their adventures will for the first time be transposed in GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOUR. The move to Photoshop also means more space on the page and no more borders, so the pages will also be in BREATHTAKING CINEMASCOPE. Unfortunately I don’t quite have the budget for steeereeeooophooonic sooooouuuuund, but it’s early days yet.

If you’re looking for information on my now-published storybook adventure, “Rosie’s Journey,” you can still find it in the About the Creator section. Until then, Excelsior, true believers!*

*Which reminds to tell you all to go see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it absolutely rocks.