It’s been a long time coming, but the second chapter of “String” is finally off the starting block.

The three months since chapter one wrapped up last October have felt like an eternity to me, so I can only imagine what it must have felt like to the half-dozen people waiting on tenterhooks for String’s return. The delay has been worth it, though – enough snazzy new pages in GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOUR already loaded and buffered to last until mid-April, with more definitely coming. After the first adventure established all the characters and the weird co-dependent relationship Nancy Brilligan and her erstwhile sidekick/kidnap victim Simar Qareen have fallen into, now we’re finally going to see how this team will mesh in adventures to come.

Spoiler alert: not very well.

Welcome back to all the regulars, and a hearty welcome to any new readers who have happened upon this comic by chance! If you’re totally lost about what this nonsense is about, there’s a handy primer here. And if you feel like starting Nancy Brilligan’s adventures from the beginning, you can read chapter one in all its monochrome ’40s newsreel greatness here.

For wallpapers and a fun String-inspired Spotify playlist, you can check out this page. Annnd if you fancy dipping into my other works, there are links to Rosie’s Journey, a mad complicated storybook adventure I wrote for my niece, right here.

Excelsior and stuff I guess!