It’s almost here! The first few pages of Chapter Three of String are queued up, and will begin arriving every Tuesday and Friday from 17 December 2019 onwards! The election campaign is done and dusted, which means I can concentrate on the comic full time! So drop in this Tuesday for the first instalment of the latest chapter, “Mind the Gap.”

Three guesses what London landmark we’re concentrating on this chapter.

If you’re new to Nancy Brilligan’s exciting adventures battling quantum monstrosities and the Malign Forces of Randomness in modern London, you can catch up with Chapters One and Two, or simply digest the primer here and try to wing it, your prerogative I guess. Come here for a fancy wallpaper or a String-themed playlist, which you can also find below:

And if you fancy stuff I’ve made that’s not String, take a gander at Rosie’s Journey, a storybook I wrote way back when for my niece.

Get ready to embark on new adventures, this Tuesday!