Hello there, True Believers!

It’s been a while since I last updated to let you know when the second chapter started, so I thought it only fitting to let you know when the second chapter ends. That’s right! The second chapter is fast nearing its conclusion! As I expected this second chapter will be nowhere near as big as the first when it wraps up, since there’s a lot less to introduce and I’ve gotten better at cramming more information into smaller spaces.

At its current pace, String chapter two will wrap up on 18 October 2019, after which the comic will have a momentary hiatus. How long this hiatus lasts is dependent on factors outside my control: you may have heard from Auntie that the British government will face a vote of no confidence when Parliament returns from recess early next month, which we will likely lead to a general election being called for late October/early November (depending on how shameless our august PM feels about playing silly buggers with the election date). If this does occur, then through September and October the weekends I usually dedicate towards comicking will be consumed by leafleting and mustering up the courage to knock on doors, which will have the knock-on effect of delaying Chapter 3 to mid-December 2019 at the soonest. If by freakish dumb luck there isn’t an election then the hiatus will be much briefer, and Chapter 3 will likely begin in mid-November 2019. I’ll keep you updated as the situation develops.

In the meantime, if the whole of Chapter 2 passed you by then you can tackle Nancy and Si’s travails against a resurrected-by-dubstep 16-bit videogame mascot with an axe to grind from the beginning by clicking here. Or, if this whole comic is completely new to you, you can refresh yourself with a useful primer here, and experience Simar Qareen’s first slightly-harrowing adventure involving V2 rockets and demented starchitects here, where she first meets Nancy Brilligan, fearless defender of relativity against the Malign Forces of Randomness.

While you’re here, you can sparkle up your desktop or your phone background with a lovely String wallpaper on this page, where you’ll also find a String-themed Spotify playlist curated by yours truly!

And if you want to read something different that’s not String, you can buy yourself a copy of Rosie’s Journey, a daft magical storybook adventure I wrote for my niece, right here.

Keep on keeping on!