I swear these hiatuses (hiatii?) are getting longer and longer, but luckily the chapter commencing is a nice short one compared to our previous sprawling epics.

So be sure to drop into Chapter Six, “Reparations“, beginning this Tuesday, 4th July! Drop in every Tuesday and Friday for new updates!

The past comes back to haunt London but in a far more jaunty and fun way than the phrase “past coming back to haunt London” suggests. But a figure from Nancy’s own past is making their move amidst the chaos and unlike the ghosts gyrating down the street this individual seems in less of a mood to dance.

Warning: depictions of police brutality, cuz six chapters in is the perfect time to get controversial.

If you’re new to Nancy Brilligan’s exciting adventures battling quantum monstrosities and the Malign Forces of Randomness in modern London (or maybe just forgot everything in the six months since you last read this thing), you can catch up with Chapters One, Two, Three, Four and Five or speedread the useful primer here! Come here for a fancy wallpaper or a String-themed playlist, which you can also find below:

And if you fancy stuff I’ve made that’s not String, take a gander at Rosie’s Journey, a storybook I wrote way back when for my niece.

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