Immediately when going into hiatus feels like the worst time possible to launch a Patreon, but as I’m switching jobs and income is a little precarious I’ve decided to look to you, the people, to keep this comic on the road!

Find “String” on Patreon here!

As well as this exciting news, preliminary work has begun on the next chapter of String, “Nostalgia Goggles”!

As Nancy and Si escape the clutches of Carol Derrider and her army of quantum-powered goons, Si confronts Nancy with the truth and demands that she explain herself. At long last see the events that made Nancy the fearless protector of relativity and unhinged loon that she is today! And discover for yourself the role she played in ruining Si’s life – more than she has already.

If you’re new to Nancy Brilligan’s exciting adventures battling quantum monstrosities and the Malign Forces of Randomness in modern London, you can catch up with Chapters One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six, or speedread the useful primer here! Come here for a fancy wallpaper or a String-themed playlist, which you can also find below:

And if you fancy stuff I’ve made that’s not String, take a gander at Rosie’s Journey, a storybook I wrote way back when for my niece.

Get the wavy video filter and public domain harp sounds for a flashback to a time Nancy wore plaid, coming 2024!